PKE Digital is a Minneapolis SEO Company, Explains How SEO May Help You Grow Your Business in Minneapolis?

If you are a small business owner in Minneapolis search engine optimization (SEO) can help you grow your business. SEO marketing involves a series of strategies that improve your site’s rankings. In turn, that increases your organic traffic. However, while you may have heard of SEO, you may not know how it works or how to do it. Learning the processes takes a long time. Time you might not want to spend behind the computer. This may be why you’re here looking for an SEO agency, digital marketing, and SEO services


How this Minneapolis seo company uses search engine optimization to improve your website’s search engine rankings. 


Using digital marketing and search engine optimization can help you increase the clicks to your website. PKE Digital is a Minneapolis SEO company that can increase the number of visitors to your site. We call this organic reach. It is achieved through direct search traffic, SEO paid search, and unpaid linked traffic. The last 2 in that list can boost your visability from a traffic standpoint. In addition, SEO has processes that include both on-page content and off-page linking strategies. 

On-page Search Engine Optimization is the practice of incorporating specific keywords into your content and building a linking structure. It includes:

  • Regularly creating content.

  • Maintaining quality content.

  • Writing well-written title tags.

  • Making your meta tags keyword-rich.


It also involves tweaking your page for conversions to improve your rankings. The longer people stay on your site the better. High bounce rates have drastic consequences.


SEO On-page optimization


PKE Digital is a Minneapolis SEO consultant that focuses on creating content and optimizing it for search engines helps boost organic visitors. Our content strategy work is what you will need. Focusing on creating content that is easy for search engines to read and understand is essential.  Using the right keywords in your content will help you rank for them. Also, it is important to optimize it for end users. That is becoming more and more of a ranking factor. It does make sense to create content for robots(Google Bot) but customers have to be able to make sense of the content. Seems like common sense. You’d think! Lots of people don’t, or haven’t done this in the past.  


Breaking it down to its pieces and parts. Another vital part of on-page optimization is the page title. It’s important to include your primary keywords in your page title. Its a factor to get your page to show up in search results. You should also have your primary keywords in your meta tags.


The meta description is a summary of your page. Search engines use the meta description to decide if your page is relevant to a user’s search. You should include a descriptive meta description of no more than 160 characters. 


 Creating good content takes time and practice. It’s important to break up long pieces of text into smaller chunks that are easy to digest. You can also use visuals to break up large walls of text. 


Once you create and optimize your content, you need to think about internal linking. Internal linking is another important part of on-page optimization. It helps search engine bots understand how your domain flows. Internal links also help Google understand the topical relevance between your pages. It further allows users to discover relevant content by connecting related topics.  


Keep up with algorithm changes to get the most out of your on-page efforts. Google is always working to deliver the best answer to users’ queries.


On-page optimization is more complex than some think. There are more than a handful of on-page ranking factors. Using keywords in your content, title tags, and meta tags is a great way to optimize your page, and a great place to start.


You can also create a sitemap that allows Google bot to understand your domain better. Using the right keywords and meta tags can help improve your Click-Through Rate(CTR).  Factors like CTR, and conversion rate optimization can also increase your page’s functionality. 

Which leads us to our next Process.


Backlinks, PKE Digital offers these Minneapolis SEO services


Off-page optimization involves creating inbound links from other websites to your own. Building inbound links is an excellent way to increase your search engine rankings.



  • Search engines look for inbound links to determine your page’s authority.

  • Having many inbound links to your site is vital because it makes it easier for Google to find your site.

  • If other websites are linking to yours, Google will see this as a sign you are providing quality content.


Getting quality backlinks to your website can impact your optimization efforts and click through rate. Search engines will view your website as a trustworthy source of information. Your content will be more likely to get shared and viewed. Backlinks will also help you check if your campaign analytics make sense. And, in turn they can increase your search engine ranking.


Google uses many factors to determine your ranking. These signals tell the search engines that your site has a high domain authority. You can increase your site’s visibility by posting relevant articles. These articles, once indexed, get some clicks. If the content is quality  people will share your articles and link to them and you gain backlinks. This is one way to get backlinks. 


You can also get backlinks from sites that are in your business niche. For instance, a site like a directory can link to your website as a resource for where to find contactors. The more links you have connecting your site, the more likely you will get a high page ranking.


You can also use web 2.0 backlinks to increase content sharing. This is part of a tiered strategy for interaction with potential clients. Plus, for example, if you have a blog on blogger. You can add a link to your blog at the end of each post.  Gaining you some more backlinks. 


Search engines also use the number of backlinks to determine your ranking. Lets say you have 1000 backlinks to your site. It is more likely that you will rank higher than a website with one.


One of the best ways to get quality backlinks to your website is to publish videos on YouTube. Then embed the video on your site. This adds quality to the content making it more likely people will share it. Keep the video description relevant with keywords. The YouTube description must be under 800 words. This will help you get exposure on YouTube as well. The second biggest search engine. Don’t sleep on this as an opportunity. 


You can also get quality backlinks to your website by posting comments on blog posts. Many blogs have a huge amount of visitors and generate many views. For example, a well-established blog has over 5 million visitors per month.


Search engine optimization is a complicated field. You will need to pay attention to many factors to get your website ranked on the first page of Google. Backlinks are one of the most critical elements.


Search Intent and SEO Digital Marketing

Content, optimized for search intent, is one of the best ways to improve your site’s ranking. Understanding search intent and how it relates to your customer’s needs, is critical. Search intent describes the primary goal of a searcher. The intent can be informational, or transactional. Informational searchers want information that can answer a question or solve a problem. They often use question words, like “how to”, or “what is”. This searcher is a lot different than someone who asks the “contractors near me” questions. These people are one step closer to becoming a customer than they were, at the “what is this” phase. Content for these differences are, well, different. It pays to know what that means for content creation, and how to display that on you site. This gives you the ability to tap into a searcher’s commercial intent. When people seek information about a company’s service they’ve passed the research phase. Clicks on this content result in leads. This is why an optimized site is valuable and having proper CRO at this stage helps convert people into leads.  And, as a business more leads, leads to more booked appointment’s, and that translates to dollars in your pocket.


Google’s ranking algorithm is a complex process, but not a problem for this Minneapolis SEO company.

It analyzes the content on each page and the images, links, and other media files. It determines what to show you on the search engine results page (SERP). Google makes thousands of changes to the algorithm each year. To succeed with SEO, you must understand how Google works and how it ranks pages. We have been doing this for years. This knowledge helps you improve and succeed in your SEO marketing strategies.


Google looks for content that answers people’s questions.

Ideally, the content you provide will solve someone’s problem. The goal is to provide users with the information they are looking for. While preventing them from clicking back to another search result. This process helps Google to deliver the best experience possible. The ultimate goal of Google is to provide the information that people are asking about. Your customers are asking about.


Google uses artificial intelligence to better understand and respond to user questions.

Google’s RankBrain algorithm incorporates machine learning. This helps understand and respond to user questions. It optimizes the SERP in real time. It does this during Google updates. Google gets a qualitative measure from users. This matters because this connects searchers and content in a dynamic way. It has affected how people should optimize their content. As mentioned before, the content needs to make sense to your customers. This is one of the mechanics behind that. Another component of that is Hummingbird, another one of Google’s updates. It uses natural language processing to understand search intent. Google is good at measuring how well a page matches a user’s intent. Between that and the RankBrain algorithm they can nail down random queries . Pages that answer a user’s question will achieve higher rankings. While those that don’t will see lower rankings. Those that don’t play by the rules get penalized by deindexation and manual penalties. Which can be a pain to correct.  


Search engines are becoming more sophisticated, and understanding search queries are becoming easier. Artificial intelligence is helping Google interpret search queries in a more effective way. The search algorithms incorporate natural language processing and machine learning. Google is always trying to understand search queries better and satisfy users. Search engines have also been using snippets to provide more context to users. They’re known as “featured snippets” and “knowledge panels.” The snippet includes a blurb of info, or a phone number, map link, or other information. The snippet allows a user to view the address without leaving the search results page. It also rewards pages with rich snippets, allowing them to rank above the first search result. Technical SEO can achieve things like rich snippets through a process called schema. 


The Benefits of Performing a Site Audit for SEO Minneapolis companies.


Having a site technically optimized is key to increasing your search engine rankings. Search engines use web robots called crawlers to analyze and index your site. They check your website’s content, structure, and speed. Then determine if your site is worth ranking. Having a technically sound site means your content will load fast and clear. By clear, we mean no content shifts with content jumping around on the page. It’s annoying to click on something and then it moves. This makes it easy for Google to index your site and provides your users with a good experience. There are many moving parts on a website. It is important to keep your site up to date with the latest changes. If you have an old website, you should consider a site audit to determine the status of your site.    


Technical SEO


Hiring a local SEO professional to help you with your technical SEO may be a good idea. This can save you time and effort. Using an SEO specialist will help you avoid making any costly mistakes. Mistakes in the form of manual penalties. Search engines like Google will often reward websites with specific technical characteristics. For instance, you should include an SSL certificate on your website. This provides an extra level of security and helps you rank higher in search engines. It would be best if you also considered using a mobile friendly layout. This will help you attract more customers as more and more people become 100% mobile users by the day. People have been moving away from desktop usage steady for 10+ years. You should also do a technical SEO audit to see if your site can meet the demands of search engines. This may include checking your site’s speed. Or, analyzing your site’s performance with tools such as Google Lighthouse. These tools can provide you with real-time statistical data. A technical SEO audit will tell you about your site’s performance. It will show you if you have any significant issues that may hinder your SEO efforts. Missing H tags, Schema, broken links, duplicate content, and duplicate title tags matter. Having these errors corrected will boost your ranking in the search engines. Getting your site on the right track should be the first step in your SEO plan. There are many moving parts to a website, and you must ensure they are working as they should. This includes an excellent E-A-T strategy. A fast-loading site. An effective mobile strategy, and having the proper schema in your sites head code. While technical SEO can is complex, it’s implementable, and we do it everyday. Using a checklist or a template can help you get your website on track. These tools will help you identify your site’s best technical SEO practices. There is no one best singular important factor in technical SEO. They all play in tandem with each other. Miss one, you’ve broken the chain. Done right, this will help you attract more customers and keep them on your site for longer. It helps them make that buying decision.         


White Hat SEO Marketing


Unlike Black Hat SEO which can get you deindexed, and penalized by Google if done in an improper manner. A White Hat SEO company is a form of online marketing that follows search engine guidelines set by Google. Which allows for a more organic approach. Companies can use these strategies to ensure their content is relevant to the users. Content that expresses topical relevance will always win out in the end. Google loves content that creates the distinction for the user. For instance, the difference between Cars the movie, or a vehicle you drive. These 2 separate things have the same keyword. The more your content can create these distinctions the better. Linking to similar content that further creates the distinction you’ll gain topical relevance.  This proven process helps Google to index and display the website in the search results. SEO’s main aim is to improve a website’s organic rankings. This helps a website gain more visibility based on specific keywords. Each keyword or phrase has a traffic value. So mapping them out is a good place to start. The more traffic it receives, the more likely it is to rank in the SERPs. The more likely it will receive more traffic, and create a feedback loop. Ranking on page one, the question becomes who can do it better for longer? It’s a perpetual process. Done right, it yields dividends when combined with a proper conversion optimization plan. Getting traffic is still part of the input that leads to the output of booked appointments and more jobs. It is not the destination. Lots of sites that get clicks from being on page 1 don’t have their sites optimized for conversions. No clear path for the end user to achieve their goal. No tracking mechanisms on the sites to do any remarketing efforts. I could go on and on. But that’s not for you. Because you’re here and reading this. So you’re looking for something more.

One of the most critical aspects of White Hat SEO is keyword research. Use tools like SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner. You can identify your target keywords. It is also important to use keywords that are relevant to your business. Refer to the “cars” example.  Another element of White Hat SEO is content optimization. This means creating content that is both engaging and relevant. You also need to ensure your website is mobile-optimized. This helps you reach more users on the go. If your site doesn’t hit these metrics people bounce and quick. A high bounce rate will always effect your site in a negative way. 


Another strategy is social media marketing. It is great for reaching more people and promoting your website. It makes it easier to share your content, spreading it faster than a simple 1 to 1 share mechanism like emailing. So it makes sense that one important metric for SEO is social signals. It adds a level of credibility and authority to your site on the forefront. And, your content moves quicker across the internet. Google loves to see it.  Using tools like BuzzSumo can help you track your progress. The goal is to get other websites to link to your website from content that is shared with ease. This can add backlinks to improve your rankings.  Google uses several metrics to determine a website’s reputable status. Things like core web vitals(site speed), and E-A-T(Expertise, Authority, and Trust). If your site is of poor quality, you will have difficulty gaining ranking in the SERPs. Creating valuable and relevant content that is easy to share is the best way to get your website ranked. Your content should be the main focus of your web page. This can have a snowball effect. Remember that search engines focus on matching results with user intent. This means an excellent page experience only pairs well with good content. The main goal of White Hat SEO is to present your content in a relevant, honest, and effective way. Done right, your content will be relevant to the users. Helping your site get ranked without penalties.  



Other means to rank your content? 

Using keywords to rank higher in search engines is a good idea, but SEO is not the only way to get traffic. Running paid advertising campaigns will get people to click on your page too! Regardless of how people end up on your page. Engaging your website visitors by providing value. Creating a valuable offer for your product and/or service is key. If your offers provide value, you’ll see an improvement in search engine rankings as well. That, in turn, drives more traffic to your site, creating a feedback loop.


There are many ways to improve your search engine optimization, but one of the most important is to focus on the end user. Of course, you want to help people find the information they are looking for. But, you also want to ensure they stay on your website and engage with the content you provide. Including various tactics like social media automation and PPC into your search engine optimization campaigns, can raise your rankings.


Shoot us a message if you would like more info on how we can help you improve your marketing strategies.



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